How to Protect Your Subaru from Hacking

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Hacking is more common than many people assume. Average people are learning how to hack, and now with complex computers built into cars, there are problems with hacking in cars. A few, recent exploits in car designs have made it easier for thieves to break into cars. Buying your new Subaru is an exciting experience, but you also have to protect yourself from hacking and other harmful attacks.

The Threat of Hacking

In recent years, people have noticed a serious vulnerability in the key fob designs of certain models. Key fobs have predictable codes that are linked to keyless entry systems that open doors. Hackers copy these codes and use them to break into cars. When hacks are discovered, car manufacturers try to act quickly to address the problem, but time is of essence when an exploit is discovered. Drivers must do all they can to protect themselves from being hacked.

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Ways to Protect Yourself

Even with both car doors locked, thieves are using devices other than keys to enter, so the vulnerability is found in the keyless entry system. This type of hacking is new and puzzling to many car owners. There is no evidence left behind, and the devices used are relatively unknown.

One solution is to install GPS trackers and security cameras within the cars. To prevent thefts, owners should start by identifying the thieves and the methods they use. Another solution is to add another level of security, such as the use of biometrics.

Everyone finds it necessary to secure a computer against viruses and hacks. However, most people don't think it's necessary or possible to secure a car's systems. Hackers attack anywhere from homes to cars and all public places. Reliable Subaru takes security serious. Our friendly staff will answer any questions about ways to eliminate the possibility of your car being hacked. Call or visit our dealership to learn more.

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