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How Do You Use Subaru Reverse Automatic Braking?

Changing Your Driving Mode

As a vehicle brand that puts the safety of its drivers first, Subaru has included many different safety and convenience features into their standard packages. One such feature that is included in the majority of the Subaru lineup this year is reverse automatic braking. This development in safety can be used to protect you and others around you when you are behind the wheel. It is likely that your vehicle will have a few blind spots. That doesn’t mean you and others around you have to be at risk. 

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What is Special About the Subaru Boxer Engine?

Subaru Boxer Engine

Automotive engines on the current market are available in several common designs. Nearly all four-cylinder engines have an inline layout. Most six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines have V-shaped configurations. Subaru prefers to use a horizontally opposed assembly under the hood. Since the 1960s, the patented Boxer engine has been installed in nearly all of the company's cars. Throughout the decades, this auto manufacturer has made significant improvements in the performance of this unique powertrain.

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