Welcome to Reliable Subaru Finance Department

Reliable Subaru in Springfield appreciates your visit, and we want to invite you to come see us at our dealership. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the car or truck you need, and we are willing to work with those who have good, fair, or bad credit. Let us see how lenders might be able to help get you in that new vehicle.

Why Should I Finance with Reliable Subaru?

Before you decide to lease or pay for a vehicle outright, you might want to consider some of the advantages of financing a car. One of the most significant benefits is that financing could help you build your credit. One of the proven ways to improve poor credit is making your new car payments on time, and doing so could help you qualify for better rates on future vehicle purchases.

Those who finance a car may also be able to afford a better vehicle. This can result in long-term savings that extend well after the car is paid off. A new vehicle could mean fewer repair costs, and you might be able to get a car which affords better fuel economy. All of these things can add up to a considerable savings.

Finally, financing may be a better fit for you than a lease. This is especially true if you plan on driving your car a great deal. Leases often involve mileage restrictions, and some of these can be harsh. An expensive penalty may be incurred if you exceed the mileage restriction. Financing your car carries no such limitations.

Which Factors Affect My Approval Chances?

Credit scores are an important factor in determining whether or not you can qualify for financing, but they are not the only consideration. We have worked with people who have good and bad credit to help them find a lending solution.

Our professionals work with a team of lenders that may be able to find a financing option that works for you. Don't let your credit score override your decision to seek car financing options. We are willing to help you to the best of our ability regardless of your credit history.

We Offer:

  • First Time Buyers Program!
  • Strong Relationships with over 30 different Lending Institutions!
  • Competitive Rate and Terms for all types of Credit!
  • Special APR financing on select new Mazda, Hyundai, and Subaru
  • Choices that protect your investment whether it a new or used vehicle!

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