MPP | Pre Owned Vehicle Coverage

You're Covered!

Execu-Care coverage pays for parts and labor on all covered repairs. If a covered part fails...we will fix it!*

Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Goal

In addition to the Execu-Care Pre-Owned coverage for mechanical failures, our customers will receive the following added benefits:

Rental Vehicle 
Reimbursement up to $30 per day maximum of $240 per repair visit, when your vehicle is diagnosed as inoperable due to a failure of a covered component.

Reimbursement up to $75, per occurrence, when required due to a failure or breakdown of a covered component.

Additional Benefits:

  • Nationwide Acceptance - Accepted at your dealer or any authorized ASE certified repair facility. Nationwide Claims Assistance - If you sustain a mechanical failure, MPP will provide immediate claims authorization for covered repairs. Payment will be made immediately to your dealer or any authorized ASE certified repair facility
  • Controls Unknown Expenses - You never know when a failure will occur. Protect yourself from unknown expenses by letting MPP pay the repair bill.
  • Guards Against Inflation - Over the last five years, labor costs have increased by 40% and parts costs have increased by 35%. MPP pays for covered repairs regardless of inflation.
  • Transferable - This plan is transferable, making your vehicle more desirable to the next owner.
  • Refundable - If you decide to sell or trade your vehicle before this plan expires, you may be entitled to a refund.
  • Disappearing Deductible - Ask your F&I representative how you may qualify for a zero deductible on covered repairs under this plan when performed at the selling dealer.

Chose from Three Levels of Coverage:

Bronze Coverage

Engine: All internal lubricated parts, cylinder block and cylinder heads (when damaged by an internal moving part), intake manifold gaskets and head gaskets, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, oil pump, fan blade, water pump, fuel pump, vacuum pump, timing chain, timing gears, timing belt, turbo charger housing and all its internal parts. Diesel engine: all parts listed within Gasoline engine coverage, fuel injection pump, vacuum pump.

Transmission/Transaxle: Transmission case (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts within the transmission case, torque converter, internal torque converter engagement solenoid, internal shift control solenoids, valve body, governor, transfer case (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts within the transfer case.

Front/Rear Wheel Drive: Final drive housing (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal lubricated parts within the final drive housing, axle housing (when damaged by an internal moving part), axle shafts, constant velocity joints, propeller shafts, universal joints.

Silver Coverage

Includes all covered parts in bronze coverage plus:

Steering: Gear housing (when damaged by an internal moving part), all internal parts and valves within the gear housing, rack and pinion and internal parts, power steering pump

Brake System: Master cylinder, vacuum assist booster, hydro assist booster, wheel cylinders, disc calipers, proportioning valve, hydraulic steel lines and fittings

Electrical: Starter, solenoid, starter motor, starter drive, alternator, voltage regulator (charging system), manually operated electrical switches, ignition switch and lock cylinder, windshield wiper motor (front and rear), wiring harnesses, electronic ignition module, engine cooling fan motor, electric fuel pump

Factory Installed Air Conditioner: Compressor, compressor clutch, clutch bearings, clutch pulley, condenser, evaporator, accumulator, orifice tube

Front Suspension: Upper control arms, lower control arms, upper and lower control arm bushing, upper and lower control arm shafts, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, steering spindle, stabilizer bar, stabilizer bar bushings

Gold Coverage

Includes all covered parts in bronze and silver coverage plus:

Engine: Flywheel, harmonic balancer, valve covers, oil pan, engine mounts, timing chain/belts cover, oil pump housing, oil pump seals and gaskets, turbo charger/super charger seals and gaskets, crankshaft seals, EFI sensors/control units, fuel injectors, and throttle body

Diesel Engine: Diesel engine fuel lines and nozzles

Transmission/Transaxle: Transmission mounts, transmission seals and gaskets, transmission electronic control unit

Front Wheel Drive: Front wheel drive wheel bearings, front hub bearings, front wheel drive seals and gaskets, axle shaft bearings, axle/supports

Rear Wheel Drive: Rear axle shaft bearings, wheel bearings, seals and gaskets, locking hubs

Steering: Steering shaft coupling, steering seals and gaskets

Front Suspension: Front suspension seals and gaskets, front suspension upper mount and bearings

Brake System: Brake seals and gaskets, pressure modulator valve/dump valve, brake pump motor assembly and accumulator

Electrical: Distributor, electronic instrument cluster, diagnostic display, distributor module, electronic level control and compressor sensor control, electronic spark/detonation control and sensor, power window motors, power door lock actuators, power seat motors, cruise control module, power antenna motor, keyless entry system module and switches, factory installed compass readout display, factory installed thermometer readout display, ABS electronic control unit

Factory Installed Air Conditioner: Air conditioning temp control programmer, air conditioning seals and gaskets, air conditioning pressure cycling switch, air conditioning high/low pressure cut-off switches

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