Subaru Teases Future Impreza RS Hatchback  

Recently, Subaru teased the 2024 Impreza vehicle once more right before the Debut came out. This is new generation of Impreza.


This new vehicle from 2024 is going to be redesigned with new tech as well as more style elements. For example, this 5-door hatch will have the roof crossbar mounting points. It will also have the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive. On the inside, you're going to have that huge 11.6-inch touchscreen as well as the wireless Apple CarPlay option and the wired Android Audio option.

It's going to have 182 horsepower with the Subaru Boxer engine, a unique suspension with sports tuning, and some more unique styling options that you may not have seen before. Many trims, like the RS trim, will have both performance and style options new to the style. They have also upgraded the brakes for more performance there as well. You are going to bet the aluminum alloy pedal covers as well. Other style options will include the cloth interior and the red accents with the cross stitching. People have commented that the Impreza RS tends to look very sporty when it comes to driving aesthetics.

You will also get the Standard Symmetrical All-wheel Drive. It also allows you to drive through almost any terrain or weather, as well as other benefits. It has more handling and efficiency than many other cars. It also has a quicker response to road conditions.

It looks like the Hatchback is coming back as a style, and people are saying that it blends those stylistic parts with the practical parts. People are impressed by the more than 120 feet of room space as well as the strong premium materials with luxury and durability.

The best thing about it is that this vehicle comes with a crossbar mounting support standard. It also allows you to put the equipment up, such as sis, bikes, kayaks, and so on. This makes for better vacations and adventuring.

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