Diaper Bank of the Ozarks  

Diaper Bank of the Ozarks is a nonprofit organization that partners with area Ozark agencies to help families in need. Diaper Bank provides diapers to these agencies to keep babies stay healthy and happy while reducing stress on moms and dads. The organization recognizes that by reducing this stress of diapering little ones, families lower the chance of maternal depression, domestic abuse, and child abuse related to the stress and worry of where diapers will come from. Also, by providing families with diapers, which are often expensive, this organization can help families better their finances by relieving this costly burden and improving the overall quality of life for those in need.

Partner Agencies

Diaper Bank of Ozarks accepts monetary donations to purchase diapers and partners with dozens of organizations throughout the Ozark area to help match families with diapers. Call one of the partner agencies to find out more about diapers for families in need.

Cloth Diaper Loan Program

To save money and help the environment, Diaper Bank of Ozarks also offers a cloth diaper loan program. After filling out the application and being approved, qualified families will be mailed a complete kit for cloth diapering. Families are taught how to use and clean these diapers and return the kit when no longer needed.

To date, Diaper Bank of Ozarks has distributed over five million diapers thanks to generous donations, which can be set up on the organization's website. Select from sponsoring a baby for a month or a year or even sponsor a cloth diaper kit for a family. Additionally, you may elect to donate any dollar amount that you are comfortable with.

If you or a family you know is in need or if you'd like to help those facing difficulty in obtaining diapers, head over to Diaper Bank of Ozark's website and find out more about how you can help them, or they can help you.

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