2023 Subaru Outback Exterior

What's New for the 2023 Subaru Outback?

A few different options will be happening that will be new for the 2023 Outback. These include revised headlamps, a larger grille up front, and a completely new front bumper. There will also be more driver assistance features that will be even more effective due to better cameras that can see a wider area.

2023 Outback Trims and Features

The likely trim levels are going to include base, Premium, Limited, Touring, and Onyx. A few more are possible, like the Wilderness, Touring CT, and Limited XT. Some of these trim levels are mostly aesthetic, while the Onyx will be all black.

The features for the Outback will include high seating height as well as the dual-zone climate control. These are from trims higher up than base. You will also have options for many USB ports, adjustable driver seats, heated seats, and more, depending on the trim level.

The rear cargo area has 33 cubic feet of space, which can support quite a few bags of luggage.

2023 Subaru Outback Interior

2023 Subaru Outback Horsepower

The engine power for the Outback goes from 182 horsepower at the base level. It grows to 260 horsepower with adequate options. The Outback uses the CVT option for transmission that has the 8-speed trait. The engine's estimated miles per gallon rating is 33 mpg for driving on the highway.

Subaru Outback Safety

The standard safety options for the Outback include both auto emergency braking and forward-collision warning. This will allow you to not only detect possible threats forward on the road but also have the car stop for you just in case. No human is as fast as a computer, after all.

You also get the adaptive cruise control with lane-keeping assist standard as well. You'll get this at any level of trim. It will help you stay in your lane over long stretches of driving on the highway. Finally, you have the option to get the blind-spot monitoring and a rear cross-traffic alert as well. These will help make it so that you have full situational awareness of what's around you.

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